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Latest Releases!

- Steve Herbert -
"Task Force One"

For Brass Band

Also available as a Digital Download
- Stuart Dean -
"Traitors' Gate"
For Brass Band

Also available as a  Digital Download

What is Kingfisher Music?

“Kingfisher Music” is a refreshing new source of brand new, fit for purpose arrangements and compositions for Symphonic Wind Band, Concert BandBrass Band, and Orchestra.

"Kingfisher Music" acts as the Publishing Arm and Sales Outlet for Commonwealth Music. It also offers a 'Music for Hire' service in respect of their larger scale works where appropriate.

"Kingfisher Music" actively seeks to discover, support, promote, and publish original compositions from talented new composers who are writing for a wide variety of ensembles.

The Composer in Residence for "Kingfisher Music" is Simon Haw, MBE.

"Kingfisher Music" has within its catalogue a section that focuses entirely on the "Classics" and offers bands worldwide the opportunity to Commission and Premier a new arrangement of a timeless "Classic" from any of the Great Composers.

The Staff Arranger for "Kingfisher Music" is Stephen C Barnwell.