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Christmas Cracker - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Wind Band) Digital Download

Audiences love watching mallet percussion instruments being played. It is a mesmerising visual splendour.


This Christmas Cracker, “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, which has been arranged as a duet for Glockenspiel, is guaranteed to keep your audience captivated.


Two Glockenspiels should be placed out in front of the band – two lone instruments slightly turned in towards each other without any players attending them. The band begins to play the piece and is forced into a vamp at Bars 3 and 4 in the absence of the two soloists.


During the vamp the soloists finally make their entrance, either one at a time or both together but from either side of the stage, each wearing a different coloured net tutu around the waist (or similar). Alternatively, two players from within the band can stop the soloists from starting the piece at the very last moment and tie a net tutu around each of their waists for effect. If the soloists have a gift for clowning, let them engage with each other and the audience before starting the duet – showing off their tutu to each other with a twirl, perhaps some false starts with a “wait for it” type of action, but always without speaking.


During the piece, the two soloists should attempt to play a game of “musical chairs” by swapping places and instruments during the rests.


Finally, don’t have two glockenspiels? Borrow one from your neighbouring band. You will glad you did!

Christmas Cracker - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Wind Band) Digital Download

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